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Door Hangers

Door Hangers

Because door hangers must be removed from the doorknob, they are likely to be read and make an impression that lasts beyond a simple glance. This is why A) You want to use them, and B) You want whatever your message is to be relevant. With some good copy and a nice offer, you can turn your door-hanger campaign into a conversion machine.

We can print all manner of door hangers in a variety of materials. Add a tear-away coupon / business card to the bottom for even more impact. And because your prospect actually touched it, this is a great way to test “bring this ad in…” campaigns. Contact us for more information.

Tips in designing your door hangers:

  • Add a valuable tearaway coupon or easy-to-save business card by including a two-inch perforation at the bottom of your hanger.
  • Door hangers are perfect for limited-time offers, promoting new products and services, or bringing attention to your business in a new sales area.
  • Add extra protection from the elements with a durable aqueous coating.