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Our Company History

IPM Lithographics Inc was founded in 1963 as Interim Printing and Mailing on Adams Avenue in San Diego. Some years later its was moved to 1105 West Moreno Boulevard. Established as a print and mailing house until November 1988 when the owners at that time purchased San Diego Lithographics and the move was made out of direct mail to focus on commercial printing where the company combining Interim Printing and Mailing and San Diego Lithographics renamed themselves as IPM Lithographics. As they worked through the merger of these two companies the decision was made to moved the shop to a larger facility where it sits today.

In 1995 then named Graphic Media, a company formed in 1990, to provided pre-press services purchased Imperial Printing and Graphics enabling them to provide commercial printing to existing customers. In 2000, to better position itself in the commercial printing industry, the move was made to purchase IPM Lithographics. Once purchased, plans began to merge the three companies Graphic Media, Imperial Printing and Graphics and IPM Lithographics into one company.

In 2001 Imperial Printing and Graphics in Imperial Beach, in 2002 Graphic Media, and in 2003 Imperial Printing and Graphics in Coronado were merged into one company forming the Corporation in 2004 as it is today IPM Lithographics Inc.