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Carbonless Forms

Carbonless Forms

For quotes, invoices, receipts, or similar, carbonless forms are the way to go. Write it once, and produce multiple copies, all color-coded and ready to distribute to the various parties that need them (e.g., “original goes to customer, yellow to accounting, Debbie gets the pink copy, etc.”) Having really nice Carbonless forms, with your company name already printed, along with your logo and any terms and conditions (and maybe even your tagline), goes a long way in making the transaction feel complete. It also helps your overall image – only a successful company would care enough about having nice Carbonless Forms. Plus, having good contact information on a paper your customer will keep never hurts.

We can handle carbonless forms in 2,3,4, or even more copies. Multiple colors, consecutively numbered, punched holes, glued edges, bold graphics, etc. – these are all options. Contact us for more information.

Tips for your Carbonless forms:

  • Give yourself 3/8" minimum to 1/2" of white space on the binder edge of any carbonless form. Occasionally, the padding compound may bleed down from edge and cause 1/8" of the paper to wrinkle slightly. White space makes it very hard to notice the wrinkling.
  • Experiment with bold graphics to add pizzazz to your next carbonless form. In addition, two colors of ink can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of carbonless forms. You can use colored areas to draw attention to important areas.
  • Design the carbonless form so it includes three-hole drilling on the left side for those who want to archive their forms in three-ring binders.
  • Consider shrink-wrapping the finished carbonless forms into small bundles. They’ll look nicer when opened and actually last longer.