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Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do You Serve?

We’ve been in San Diego since the 1960’s, so naturally, much of our customer base is here. But we’ve always stayed current with technology, and are fully capable of serving any customer in the United States. Currently, we have customers large and small coast to coast.

So I Can Work With You Exclusively Online?

Absolutely. You can browse our services online, e-mail us for a quote, securely upload your artwork to us, talk/e-mail with us regarding design, view e-proofs when they are ready, finalize your order, and make a payment online. And then, of course, we’ll ship your finished products to you.

How Do I View Proofs?

When we engage on a project together, you’ll get a free, secure online account. When ready, we will send you a link to e-proofs, which reside on our servers in your password protected account. However, if you would rather view proofs in printable PDF form, we can do that as well.

Can I Come by and Work with You in Person?

Of course! We’re at 9040 Carroll Way, Suite 4, San Diego

Can I Pay by Credit Card?

Yes you can. We send a credit card payment option with every invoice. You can also use PayPal, and we have an exclusive credit card processor coming shortly.

How is Your Quality and Service Different?

Well, for clarity, we’re a “real” printer. With machines, high quality materials, and professional people to run them. So any print job, whether it requires offset printing or digital printing, is possible. But we’re also a modern digital marketing agency – we can handle just about any printing or marketing request, from graphic design to e-mail marketing to direct mail (as in post office – remember them?) to anything else.

One Stop Shop?

Yup, if you need it, we can handle all your design, print, and marketing needs. For example, say you’re a local body shop, and you want to send a mailer to your 1,000 count customer list. We can help you with ideas, design the piece (and the envelope if using one), have all proper postage printed, and work with the post office to get them in the mail. Literally, you just call us, we’ll talk, and we can handle all of the legwork for you.

How About Design Work Like Logos, E-mails and Websites / Web Graphics?

We handle those too. We’ll design an e-mail for an e-mail blast, design the landing page (or full website) it leads to, get you a great logo, and anything else. Need to send a PURL (personalized URL) to everyone? We’re on it!

Bottom line: If you don’t have a marketing department, well, now you do.

Even Big Things Like Banners and Similar?

Indeed. Whether it’s one-use only, or you want something like high-quality vinyl with metal grommets, we can handle it.

Surprise Me . . .

Do you have a book in you? Talk to us about getting it professionally printed. So the next time you give a Chamber of Commerce talk, you have copies of your book with you.