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Our job is to make you look good. It’s as simple as that.

Thus, we offer the highest quality products for your marketing and print communication efforts. We can personalize anything to your exact specifications, and really make you shine in your customer’s eyes.

Below is a partial list of products that we readily offer. But if you have something in mind that you don’t see, let us know . We’ve seen (and done) a lot in our 50+ years in business, and we’re certain we can satisfy your needs.
Advertising Specialties +-
Advertising Specialties

Promotional items are a great way to increase name recognition for your company and keep you in front of customers. They’re inexpensive to produce, and because they are often kept for months and even years, provide an excellent return on your marketing dollar.

Advertising Specialties

They are also fun and creative. Advertising specialties like coffee mugs, pens, keychains, and bottle openers can be used in all manner of clever ways. Incorporating a memorable slogan, or something funny, can make your promotional gift a real keeper. As I write these words, I’m using a coffee mug I received from a towing company 12 years ago. The picture of a sick car makes me laugh.

You can use specialty items as handouts at trade shows and conventions, include them in direct mail campaigns, offer them as holiday presents, door prizes, special-event giveaways, and thank–yous. You can even distribute them to your staff to show your appreciation for their hard work. The possibilities are endless, and we’ve got all kinds of advertising specialties, along with some winning ideas, too. Contact us for more information.

Tips for Promotional Products:

  • Use specialty items as handouts at trade shows and conventions.
  • Include them in direct mail campaigns.
  • Offer them as holiday presents, door prizes, special-event giveaways, and thank-yous.
  • Distribute them to your staff to show your appreciation for their hard work.
Annoucements +-

Custom announcements can really bring attention (and add a touch of class) to your next banquet, awards ceremony, trade show, company party, or other special event. Conversely, they are also excellent for plenty of non-business reasons too, such as wedding invitations, birth announcements, graduations, and birthday parties.


An announcement sets the stage for your event. Since it’s the first contact anyone has with your event, the announcement will paint a mental picture. If it’s poorly done or deemed “cheap”, it’s going to temper expectations; if it’s high quality and classy, recipients will look forward to attending. We have a wide range of announcement options for any occasion – corporate/professional, formal, low-key (yet still classy), and everything in between. We’ll get your message out on-time and within budget.

There are plenty of other options as well, such as pre-addressed (and even prepaid) return envelopes and RSVP cards. And if you need us to handle mailing, or want a creative idea or three, just ask. We have designers and writers, ready to assist, as well as every kind of look you can imagine. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Annoucements:

  • Relocating your business? Send announcements with your new location information.
  • Include pre-printed RSVPs and return envelopes to add a convenient call to action for recipients.
  • Announcements aren't just for business. Send announcements to friends and family for personal events such as weddings, births, graduations, and birthday parties.
Banners and Signage +-
Banners and Signage

The #1 way to communicate with local foot and/or vehicle traffic is signage and banners. And both say a lot about your business, organization, or event. In plain terms, a poor-looking sign says your event or business probably isn’t worth visiting. Conversely, a really nice sign or banner draws people in to take a closer look.

Banners and Signage

When it comes to foot traffic or vehicles driving by, the best way to stand out is to have a really nice banner or sign. Whether it’s a permanent sign or a banner announcing a sale or special event, IPM Lithographics offers San Diego businesses signs and banners that communicate their message clearly and beautifully, in full color. From one-time use to high quality vinyl, complete with grommets and tapered edges that can be used year after year, we have what you are looking for.

Whether it’s a sponsorship, upcoming event, special sale, or exciting new product, we have every option you can imagine – huge horizontal banners, vertical signs / flags, free-standing displays, and much more. You dream it, and we’ll do it. Contact us for more information.

Tips in designing your custom banner or sign:

  • Size certainly is a consideration when choosing your business signage. Make sure it fits relative to the space the sign covers. Is it too small for people to read? Did you make it big enough to be seen from a reasonable distance?
  • Choose a color that complements the approved branding colors of your organization. That way, all of your branding initiatives are uniform.
  • When selecting your custom signs for your business, make sure you follow the style of font that's displayed on your other marketing materials. This will ensure continuity with your overall marketing initiatives.

Here are some signs and banners to choose from

Black and White Copies +-
Black and White Copies

Let’s get boring for a minute. Not that anything we do is truly boring, mind you, but when you talk about black and white copies, yes, that’s the bare basics of commercial printing. San Diego is a Technicolor city, but sometimes black and white copies are what you need. We’re here to answer the call.

Black and White Copies

Office copier broken again? How about getting rid of it altogether and let us handle your black and white copying? No more paper jams, endless “we need more toner”, mis-fed sheets, and costly repairs. We’re ready to handle it on-demand, with commercial-grade copying equipment that provides crisp, clean images and perfect reproductions at a surprisingly affordable cost. Plus, at more than 100 copies per minute, we can handle even the largest copy jobs quickly and professionally.

Our staff has the skills, training, and expertise to make sure your copy jobs always come out right — whether you need 100 simple handouts copied for distribution; 1,000 two-sided sheets copied and folded; or 10,000 multi-page documents copied, collated, and bound. You can even upload your file to us, and we’ll call you when it’s ready. Easy-Peasy! Contact us for more information.

Booklets +-

Professionally Printed Booklets are an ideal way to deliver a specific message or information. Whether it’s a catalog, price list, instruction manual, process instructions, employee handbook, a cookbook, a personal project, or more, we’re ready to print, bind, and deliver exactly what you need.


You know that “employee handbook” you have that consists of papers staples together? Trust us, the information would be absorbed much more effectively if it was a “real” booklet. This goes for a million other things – catalogs, price lists, quarterly reports, process instructions, recipes, an important proposal, or just about anything else.

Whatever you are thinking of, if you want it in “booklet” form, we can print, bind, put a cover on it, and make it look like a million bucks. All for a surprisingly affordable price. There are even options like full color, glossy paper, Wire-O or spiral binding, and much more. Like we say all the time – you dream it, and we’ll create it. San Diego has its own book printer, and we’re ready to work for you. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Booklets

  • Create catalogs annually, quarterly, or monthly to keep your customers informed of your latest products and services.
  • Consider full-color printing on a glossy paper to make images explode from the page.
  • Consider using a Wire-O or spiral binding for booklets that are easy for your customers to flip through and find the information they need!
Brochures +-

Brochures are some of the most popular marketing collateral available. And with good reason – done right, they can be a very effective way to get your products or services across. The key is to have them both look and read great, and that’s exactly what we do.


Well-designed brochures get your message out to customers quickly and concisely. The most common type (tri-fold) are small enough to slip in a pocket or an envelope, and they pack a real punch, particularly if they are well-designed (there’s a trick to this – you want your brochure to look good, and keep interest across multiple pages and folds).

The best part about brochures is their “cost versus impact”. They can be quite cost-effective, but can allow for several different areas of information – front cover for a message and nice picture, back for contact information and even a map, first-fold for your lead-off message, interior for something big… the possibilities are endless. And yes, brochures can also be a fold-over booklet, or something else. Let us know what you are thinking, and we’ll make it a reality. Contact us for more information.

Tips in designing your brochure:

  • introduce a new product or perk up interest in an existing product line
  • acquaint customers with major services you provide
  • point out key features and benefits to new and potential customers
Business Cards +-
Business Cards

Your business card is the most important piece of marketing in your arsenal. In fact, think of it as your calling card, because it says everything about you and your business. A substandard card screams “cheap”, and a nice card is definitely noticed. We’ll help you get noticed, even if you are on a budget.

Business Cards

Every businessperson has a business card. It’s one of the first things you get, in fact. But there’s a big difference in business cards. Mainly, the quality of your card says a LOT about your company, your competence, and similar. Put simply, a cheap card, on cheap paper, says “we put the absolute minimum amount of effort into this”. Think about how you view business cards – there are two types: the type that are just “there”, and the type that makes you say “nice card” (even if it’s simple black and white). You want to be in the latter group.

The best part is, it doesn’t cost a lot to make a nice impression. We’ve got all kinds of attention-getting paper stocks and features. From full color glossy to fold-over cards to tear-offs, we’ve got cards that can not only make you memorable, but also be a sales tool (great for sales professionals of every flavor.) Contact us for more information.

Tips in designing your business cards:

  • Maximize your business card's impact with full-color printing and eye-catching imagery.
  • Add valuable real estate for maps or tear offs with a fold-over business card.
  • Use high-quality paper to add elegance and make your business cards stand out from the competition.
Calendars +-

Here’s a piece of marketing collateral that works all year. A custom calendar is useful, and if you make it interesting enough, will be a true keeper. Assuming it gets used, it’s some of the most powerful marketing you can use. And we specialize in printing calendars that get used.


Calendar printing is a powerful way to make sure your San Diego business or brand is seen by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people – daily, weekly, monthly… all year long. The best part is you can get really creative in their use. Besides having some great graphics that ensure your calendar gets used, you can even incorporate special sales and/or promotions into the dates. Yes, Memorial Day needs to be there, but so does your annual sale. Or information regarding your industry – for example, if you are an Auto Parts Store, having fun facts regarding cars and transportation on certain dates makes your calendar really stand out. Or every month have a fun fact (for example, teach people what the road numbers mean in the interstate highway system). The possibilities are endless, and as your San Diego Printer, we can print them all. Contact us for more information.

Tips in designing your Calendar:

  • Using full-color photos? Make them pop on premium glossy paper and cover stock!
  • Looking to liven sales? Plan a promotion for each month and incorporate it into your calendar design.
  • Build a calendar around your customer base. Highlight important dates and holidays specific to your customers to provide a valuable resource they can’t live without.
Carbonless Forms +-
Carbonless Forms

Carbonless forms (also known as NCR forms - No Carbon Required) have been around for many years. They are used as sales forms, receipts, quotes, and more. And while they don’t seem to have an intrinsic marketing value on the surface, it’s pieces like this that separate the players from the also-rans.

Carbonless Forms

For quotes, invoices, receipts, or similar, carbonless forms are the way to go. Write it once, and produce multiple copies, all color-coded and ready to distribute to the various parties that need them (e.g., “original goes to customer, yellow to accounting, Debbie gets the pink copy, etc.”) Having really nice Carbonless forms, with your company name already printed, along with your logo and any terms and conditions (and maybe even your tagline), goes a long way in making the transaction feel complete. It also helps your overall image – only a successful company would care enough about having nice Carbonless Forms. Plus, having good contact information on a paper your customer will keep never hurts.

We can handle carbonless forms in 2,3,4, or even more copies. Multiple colors, consecutively numbered, punched holes, glued edges, bold graphics, etc. – these are all options. Contact us for more information.

Tips for your Carbonless forms:

  • Give yourself 3/8" minimum to 1/2" of white space on the binder edge of any carbonless form. Occasionally, the padding compound may bleed down from edge and cause 1/8" of the paper to wrinkle slightly. White space makes it very hard to notice the wrinkling.
  • Experiment with bold graphics to add pizzazz to your next carbonless form. In addition, two colors of ink can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of carbonless forms. You can use colored areas to draw attention to important areas.
  • Design the carbonless form so it includes three-hole drilling on the left side for those who want to archive their forms in three-ring binders.
  • Consider shrink-wrapping the finished carbonless forms into small bundles. They’ll look nicer when opened and actually last longer.
Check Printing +-
Check Printing

Here’s another option that’s both useful, and image-enhancing. Companies who have nice, personalized checks, complete with custom graphics, appear more successful. Plus, the check means funds for the recipient – capitalize on that good feeling with a check that makes a statement.

Check Printing

There isn’t too much we can say about printed checks that aren’t already abundantly clear. There’s some space for company information, a nice logo, and you can have all manner of graphics. So we’ll instead talk about the psychology of having really nice printed checks. When a company is struggling, the bare minimum suffices for checks. But when a company is successful, the checks get nicer – custom logos, embossed, nice picture / theme, etc. In other words, the company is so successful that even their checks project an image. It’s subtle, but very important in the overall picture.

Bottom line: we print exceptional checks that are worthy of your business. And we can do it faster and better than your bank. Talk to us about the shapes, styles, and options (3-to-a-page ledger for convenience, etc.), and we’ll make your vision come to life. Contact us for more information.

Color Copies +-
Color Copies

Color copies are one those important business functions that often gets overlooked. You don’t need them enough to have a full-blown color copier, but when you need them, you really need them. If you need color copies for your San Diego business, we’re ready to help.

Color Copies

We specialize in not only handling professional offset printing, we also do the smaller things, like short-run color copies. We invested in a high-quality, high-speed color copier so you don’t have to, and it’s the perfect way to get 500 or fewer full-color copies. And, of course, we have all the popular paper options in stock – plain, heavy, glossy, etc. (glossy really makes things pop!) We’re also ready to get your job done fast – most projects can be ready in an hour. If you want, you can upload your file, and we’ll let you know when it’s finished (how’s that for convenient?) Or you can come in and chat while the copier is humming – either way, you’ll get you your color copies fast and right. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Color Copies

  • Perfect for short runs of 500 copies or less
  • Ideal for times when you need color printing on demand. Copies can be ready in under an hour.
  • To make colors leap off the page, consider using a glossy paper.
Custom Printing +-
Custom Printing

From your imagination to the printed page, we’re your ideal printing partner to make your marketing and printing needs a reality. Big, little, irregular-shaped, twenty six colors or just three, we’re ready to make your custom printing project happen, quickly, conveniently, and within your budget.

Custom Printing

When it comes to custom printing, we act more as a true partner than anything else. This is because we’ll take the time to sit with you and really work out what it is you are envisioning. Want a handout (or maybe business cards) in the shape of a fish? We can do that. A brochure with a little cut-out window? No problem. A full color banner that’s 50’ long? Done.

Our printing capabilities are almost limitless, as is our creative imagination. We can work with you to help shape an idea into something truly special, and then bring the project to fruition. So whatever your ideas are for your San Diego business, printing shouldn’t be an issue with IPM Lithographics on your side. Contact us for more information.

Door Hangers +-
Door Hangers

Door hanger advertising is a unique way to catch a prospect's eye in a place where they aren't expecting it. Boom – there it is, hanging there. And because they need to be touched, they will likely at least get read. With the right message, you can make someone crack a smile, and that kind of marketing is worth a million bucks.

Door Hangers

Because door hangers must be removed from the doorknob, they are likely to be read and make an impression that lasts beyond a simple glance. This is why A) You want to use them, and B) You want whatever your message is to be relevant. With some good copy and a nice offer, you can turn your door-hanger campaign into a conversion machine.

We can print all manner of door hangers in a variety of materials. Add a tear-away coupon / business card to the bottom for even more impact. And because your prospect actually touched it, this is a great way to test “bring this ad in…” campaigns. Contact us for more information.

Tips in designing your door hangers:

  • Add a valuable tearaway coupon or easy-to-save business card by including a two-inch perforation at the bottom of your hanger.
  • Door hangers are perfect for limited-time offers, promoting new products and services, or bringing attention to your business in a new sales area.
  • Add extra protection from the elements with a durable aqueous coating.
Employment Forms +-
Employment Forms

Here’s the scenario: an applicant comes in, and is handed a shoddy looking application. What is their impression? Or a potential new hire is given a packet of company info, benefits, and polices, but they look cheap and poor... how seriously will you be taken? We can make your employment forms shine, and really show that you are a first–class operation.

Employment Forms

Employment forms, from your employment application to a welcome packet including benefits, company policies, and similar, do not have to be drab and devoid of life. We can make you clear, attractive employment forms and similar that will show potential employees that you mean business. We typically recommend heavyweight 80lb. matte paper – this gives your employment forms real weight and substance. We can even package multiple forms up into an attractive folder, further enhancing your image as the place to work. Want more? How about making certain forms carbonless copies, giving multiple departments multiple records? Contact us for more information.

Envelopes +-

When someone gets something from your company, what is their first impression? A printed envelope makes sure it is a good one. It seems like a small thing, but it’s important, and IPM Lithographics has been creating San Diego companies printed envelopes since 1963.


Despite all of the e-hype, envelopes are still used today. And a really nice printed envelope goes a long way in making a great first impression, and also increased brand recognition. There are many, many envelope choices, ranging from sizes, windowed, colored envelopes, 8 ½ x 11 envelopes for catalogs and contracts, tinted security envelopes, and many, many more. And your printing options are numerous as well – of course you want your return address printed, but what about the bottom or perhaps the back? A nice saying or your tagline add a touch of panache. And in the case of direct mail/marketing, we can advise you on postal regulations (we know them all), so there is no expensive surprise come mailing time. Contact us for more information.

Envelope Design Tips:

  • Mailing important documents? Give you customers peace of mind by using tinted security envelopes instead of standard commercial envelopes.
  • Stand out from the competition and get noticed with two- or four-color envelopes.
  • Create added convenience for your customers by including return envelopes with your invoices.
Flyers +-

Flyers (or fliers, if you prefer) are popular pieces of marketing collateral for many companies. But for them to be effective, you should differentiate yourself from the “home printer” crowd. We can produce flyers in a variety of sizes, colors, and paper stocks for a full, lasting impact.


Get your messages out to the masses. Flyers are a cost-effective way to cover a large area without breaking the bank. Hand them out at events or on street corners. Leave them in public places or deliver them to doorsteps. Flyers are a powerful sales tool that are, quite literally, easy to grasp. And we can help you make great ones. If you need design help, we’re available, but if you have a design in mind and just need high quality printing, we’re ready. Options like glossy coating or extra-large paper (folded flyers really have a lot of marketing real estate) are available as well. Contact us for more information.

Tips for Flyers

  • Great for promoting events, upcoming sales, or highlighting limited special offers.
  • Use glossy aqueous coating in addition to colorful four-color printing to make your message pop.
  • Need more real estate? Go large, and fold your flyers to get twice the bang for your buck.
Folded Cards +-
Folded Cards

Your classic folding card is fertile ground for some creative marketing. Bigger than a business card, smaller than a flyer, but in many cases able to exceed both in impact, folded cards should be a part of your overall media strategy, whether used as invitations, handouts, information or similar. And we can help you with high quality folded card printing.

Folded Cards

Personalized notecards / folded cards allow you to send invitations, introductions, expressions of thanks, and other correspondence to prospects, peers, and customers. Create excitement about an event, promote a corporate outing or meeting, advertise a seminar, or design original greeting cards to add that personal feel (and a touch of class) to your business correspondence. We can provide exceptional printed folded cards in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and paper stocks. Create a funny card that also promotes a new product; send your customers a greeting card “just because” (or invent your own holiday); or for a million other fun reasons. No matter how you use them, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Folded Cards

  • Perfect for greeting cards, announcements, and invitations.
  • Use heavyweight, glossy papers with full-color images and an aqueous coating to make your message pop.
  • Coordinate folded notecards with preprinted envelopes for a special touch.
Custom Index Tabs +-
Custom Index Tabs

Indexing tabs are one of those special touches that can really make a piece stand out. You can have two identical, glossy, spiral-bound reports, but the one with the index tabs is going to deliver the goods far more effectively. And we can add this to any printing job.

Custom Index Tabs

“Real quick, turn to the chapter on product add-ons” said the sales manager to his charges. Then he waited as the five salespeople fumbled their way to the place he wanted them. One even ripped his book. Right then and there, the sales manager understood that tabs would not only make this task easier, but adding index tabs to the company catalog would make it easier for customers as well.

This goes for any printed product of multiple pages – adding index tabs not only looks great, but makes your information easier to find. And easier is always better (ask your salespeople). We have an array of index tabs options that will make your printed projects really shine. From Mylar to Poly to multiple colors, we’ll handle everything. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Index Tabs

  • Add index tabs to your next sales catalog to make navigating to product categories a breeze.
  • Add an extra layer of polish to business reports by tabbing chapters.
  • Prevent wear and tear with Mylar-reinforced or poly plastic tabs.
Labels +-

Whether we’re talking about product labels, return address labels, warning labels, or anything else, labels are a great way to deliver a quick, concise message (or in the case of product labels, all the relevant information.) We make great labels in an endless array of colors, sizes, sticky backs, and more.


Product labels are among the most important communication tools between your company and potential customers. They also provide an assortment of creative ways to market your message. Place your brand on paper, glass, fabric, stone, and everything in-between (just don’t get arrested for defacing anything, ok? Let’s keep San Diego beautiful!)

And labels aren't just for products - consider custom labels for return addresses, warnings, or a quick way to tag specials and sales – anything really. We can even make static cling labels, so there’s no fuss when removing them. Or even use vinyl, which lasts for years. Regardless of your needs, we have a label with your name on it! Contact us for more information.

Letterhead +-

Nothing makes business correspondence more professional than a crisp, clean letterhead. Whether the letterhead is elaborate (with logo and tagline) or conservative, it serves as a canvas to what you have to say. IPM Lithographics can create you a letterhead (or multiple letterheads) that will present the image you are seeking.


A well-designed letterhead shows customers they're dealing with an organization with an attention to detail. And a poorly designed or outdated letterhead can have the opposite effect. In simple terms, your letterhead creates a feeling of competency, professionalism, and fosters trust. It’s subliminal, but it’s very real.

We can help you create a simple black-and-white letterhead for faxes, while reserving more colorful ones for sales letters and business correspondence. And for a corporate tone, we can create you a rock-solid professional letterhead worthy of a Wall Street Law Firm. Choose from a variety of professional paper stocks to give your paper correspondence that final elegant touch. Contact us for more information.

Memo and Notepads +-
Memo and Notepads

Memo pads are the perfect ninja marketing tool, stealthily getting past the snooty “may I ask who’s calling?” defenses and delivering your message and reinforcing your brand every day. It’s hard to get on the desk of the big boss, but even he/she uses memo pads. Why not yours?

Memo and Notepads

Memo pads are awesome marketing. With your name/logo, and perhaps a brief slogan or inspirational message, they sit waiting to be used, day after day after day. The cool part is, nobody ever throws away memo pads. They may throw away a keychain or a bottle opener, but a memo pad? That will eventually be used.

You can give them away to customers at your next meeting, trade show, or marketing event, and have your message reinforced over and over again. With personalized memo and notepads, your company will be the first thing customers see when they reach for a piece of paper. We have plenty of sizes and options, just waiting for you. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Note and Memo Pads

  • Unlike other trade show handouts, memo pads are long-lived and extremely functional.
  • Unify your image with matching notepads, letterhead, and envelopes.
Newsletters +-

The smart money says that keeping in touch with customers is key. And what better way than with a print newsletter? It won’t get deleted (or hit the spam folder) like digital versions, and if it looks good enough, it’ll get read. We’ll make sure it looks great.


Newsletters can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to keep in touch with your customer list. You send an interesting newsletter, and invariably, you’ll get a few “you know, I was thinking about , and your newsletter arrived” calls. It never fails. Send-ring-sell.

The other way newsletters can be really effective is internally. A company newsletter keeps everyone aware of goings-on, and also improves morale. You can also encourage customers to "archive" your newsletters…and keep your message in front of them long after others have faded from memory (we can do a three-hole punch for this). If you have an idea for a newsletter, we’ll make it come to life. Contact us for more information.

Pocket Folders +-
Pocket Folders

Some companies consider pocket folders an afterthought. You’ll see these companies walking away dejectedly from the sales pitch, their carefully produced presentation in an old, yellowing folder. You walk by with your sleek IPM Lithographics folder holding your presentation, and win the account – hooray!

Pocket Folders

Look professional and prepared with presentation folders that complement your promotional materials. Whether you use them for conference handouts, product literature, business proposals, or press kits, presentation folders are an excellent way to bolster your brand while keeping important information tight and tidy for your team members or clients.

We can handle all of the little extras, like die-cut business card slots which make it easy to provide your customers with your contact information, full color gloss, and an eye-catching graphic on the front. Yes, what it’s holding counts the most, but a winning pocket folder says “pay attention to what’s inside”. Contact us for more information.

Postcards +-

Postcards are a marketer's dream. Their compact size makes them ideal for simple, targeted mailings, as well as larger, more fully-fledged campaigns. Postcards are inexpensive to produce, and perfect for a wide variety of marketing reasons. We can make postcards that pop, and get you the maximum return on your marketing dollar.


Whether you are using them as straight direct mail promotional pieces, handing them out in person at the trade show, announcing a product, using them as contest box stuffers, or anything else, postcards rock. The trick is to look great – if your postcard is appealing to the eye, it’ll be read. IPM Lithographics can create postcards of all sizes and colors, ensuring what you have in mind can be a reality. We also know all of the mailing rules in and around San Diego, so we can help you with postage and mailing as well. Contact us for more information.

Big Color Posters +-
Big Color Posters

Big posters get big results! Their large size makes them hard to ignore, and they’re easily noticed by passers-by. Advertise a grand opening, special event, new product, drink specials, or just about anything else. It's no wonder posters are a favorite promotional tool for movies, bands, and political campaigns.

Big Color Posters

Posters kick butt, plain and simple. They command attention, and get across your message in a big way. Whether they are drawn art, photographs, or a combination of both, a bold, full-color poster is impossible to ignore. The next time you go the movies, check out the movie posters. Yea, it’s like that.

Plus, if your poster is creative enough, it could have a shelf-life well-beyond your event. Think of a company promoting a new location opening, and having a band play the event. The band signs a few of the posters, and they are auctioned off as door prizes. That kind of brand recognition and reinforcement cannot be beat. We’ll be happy to help you come up with just the right poster for your next event or promotion. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Color Posters

  • Use big color posters as art reproductions, movie posters, photo posters, music posters, and promotional collectibles.
  • Sometimes less is more. Make a striking display using simple posters in a creative way.
  • Extend your poster's lifespan by adding a durable aqueous coating.
Programs +-

They are not just for the baseball game or Opera anymore! A program is part brochure, part booklet, part newsletter, and 100% effective. Plus, recipients tend to keep them long after the event, making them a recurring reminder of your business. And they are more cost effective than you think.


Give your trade show, conference, exhibit, sporting event, forum, or symposium the professional look it deserves with high-quality program printing. A well-designed program increases interest, provides valuable information, and makes a great souvenir... keeping your message in the eyes of potential customers for years to come. There are a lot of great opportunities for events in San Diego; printing up some programs is a logical (and effective) marketing tool. For more impact, consider full-color printing on glossy paper to make images explode from the page, and/or add a water-resistant aqueous coating to increase your program’s durability and longevity. Contact us for more information.

Tips for Programs

  • Consider full-color printing on a glossy paper to make images explode from the page.
  • Add a water-resistant aqueous coating to increase your program's durability and longevity.
  • For full impact, consider printing interior pages in full color and using a heavyweight glossy paper to make your graphics look sharp and clean.
Rack Cards +-
Rack Cards

Concise, yet packed with information, rack cards are a self-service marketing machine. These narrow wonders are designed to be displayed in racks, and are incredibly tempting for customers to grab and take home with them, especially if they look great (which is where we come in).

Rack Cards

Typically, rack cards are used in the tourism, hospitality, or restaurant business – however, you can use them anywhere customers are – the checkout register, your company reception desk, your trade show booth, or even with another business on a marketing exchange agreement. The bottom line is, done right, Rack Cards are very effective. Add in the bonus of them being entirely self-service, and you have a situation where only warm prospects take them. For added punch, consider adding your business card printed right on it, or a coupon to the rack card with an easy tear-away perforation. These can even be mailed with other marketing if you wish. Oh, and yes, we have multiple display racks too. Contact us for more information.

Reports +-

We make professional reports look great. This is important, because hours researching, writing, and preparing reports can be undone in an instant if you present your report with sub-par printing / fuzzy graphics / etc. Whether you need it copied or printed, in one color or full-color, we can handle it!


Professionals count on IPM Lithographics to print high-quality reports. Whether it’s an executive needing multiple copies of a report printed to present to the company, or the company needs them to present to customers / shareholders, or other interested parties, the result is the same: we’ll add that professional shine to any report. Glossy paper, awesome, eye-popping graphics and charts, and (if needed) professional layout and design – we handle the whole ball of wax. Your report can even be spiral-bound, with a cover and index tabs, making it stand out even further (and, of course, lay flat on the desk as readers follow along.) Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Reports

  • Mailing a report that contains sensitive information? Use our tinted security envelopes over standard commercial envelopes for peace of mind.
  • Put your best foot forward with full-color printing on glossy paper throughout your report.
  • Want a professional lay-flat report? Consider spiral or wire-o bindings for a report that's easy to page through.
Rubber Stamps +-
Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are perfect for stamping/marking large quantities of documents. Use them to endorse banknotes, add signatures and addresses to forms, certify inspections, and any other reason you can think of. And with self-inking stamps, you can make thousands of impressions without re-inking. Yes!

Rubber Stamps

Even in today’s digital world, rubber stamps still have a million and one uses. Need a quick way to add your signature to a document? We can create a custom rubber stamp of your signature to simplify the signing process. How about contact information? Return address information? A company slogan? Or even something personal for non-business correspondence? The uses and ideas are endless (oh, how about a favorite saying as a great executive gift?) Best of all, modern rubber stamps can be self-inking, meaning you don’t need to constantly use the ink pad. Give us your ideas, and let us create a rubber stamp to your exact specifications. Contact us for more information.

Sell Sheets +-
Sell Sheets

How many times have you heard “give (or send) me the information”? Since most customers don't decide to buy on the spot, you probably hear it often. So a professional sell-sheet is what you want to give them. High quality, with product specs, benefits, and other details, sell-sheets are an integral part of the sales process. And we make great ones.

Sell Sheets

Over 70% of sales are made in the weeks following an exhibition or trade show. So it’s imperative that you send your customers home with the information they'll need to make a decision. That’s where Sell Sheets come in. Giving prospects a high-quality, well-crafted sell sheet with photographs, pricing, specs, benefits, and a compelling call to action will help seal the deal. We can help you create a professional sell sheet, complete with two-sided color printing, photos, benefits, and more. Add glossy paper and a three-hole punch to make them last even longer. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Sell Sheets

  • Include sell sheets as part of a sales kit to help seal the deal.
  • Distribute sell sheets at trade shows and other events for prospects to review at their leisure.
  • Consider adding three-hole drilling to your sell sheets to encourage your prospects to hold onto them longer.
Table Tents +-
Table Tents

Table tents are perfect for marketing anywhere people gather: restaurants, lobbies, front desks, conference tables, trade show booths, and a million other places. Use them to announce new products, promote upcoming events, and build general brand awareness in the community. The trick is to make them look really nice, which is what we do.

Table Tents

Table tents are more brand awareness and direct product marketing than anything else. They take up almost no space, and they stay there, making one table tent capable of thousands of impressions. But you have to make them look great, with nice colors, high-quality photographs, heavy card stock, and crisp, clear printing. San Diego has a printer that can do exactly that – IPM Lithographics. We can print you highly effective (yet unobtrusive) table tents that will get the job done, whether you are announcing something specific, or simply using them for general brand recognition. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Table Tents

  • Unobtrusive and effective for promoting ongoing specials, sales events, and limited-time offers.
  • Use glossy aqueous coating in addition to colorful four color printing to make your message pop and increase the durability of your table tent.
  • Place a table tent at your point of sale for a quick and easy up-selling opportunity.