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Custom Index Tabs

Custom Index Tabs

“Real quick, turn to the chapter on product add-ons” said the sales manager to his charges. Then he waited as the five salespeople fumbled their way to the place he wanted them. One even ripped his book. Right then and there, the sales manager understood that tabs would not only make this task easier, but adding index tabs to the company catalog would make it easier for customers as well.

This goes for any printed product of multiple pages – adding index tabs not only looks great, but makes your information easier to find. And easier is always better (ask your salespeople). We have an array of index tabs options that will make your printed projects really shine. From Mylar to Poly to multiple colors, we’ll handle everything. Contact us for more information.

Ideas for Index Tabs

  • Add index tabs to your next sales catalog to make navigating to product categories a breeze.
  • Add an extra layer of polish to business reports by tabbing chapters.
  • Prevent wear and tear with Mylar-reinforced or poly plastic tabs.